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tofu likes long relaxing walks on the beach and running through dark laneways at night being chased by hordes of flesh eating zombies.

News from the front lines


Posted by tofu on January 11th, 2014 @ 22:32

It seems that as the average age of gamers continues to rise we will be subjected to an increasing stream of ridiculous product ideas targeted at The Older Gamer.

You know, the older gamer who’s kids get in the way of having a bash, who still needs to be reminded to sleep occasionally, or have flashing signs installed above the heads of women who have common interests.

Some of these ideas may not even be dreadful (Razor can have the flashing signs idea for free), it could just be the presentation that sux…

A Tale of Two Cities

Posted by tofu on January 1st, 2014 @ 00:54

The bad news is: We couldn’t all get together this year…
The good news is: We can still get our LAN on geo-asynchronously!

Join Fumbles or frag_spawn in the future for some old-school LANnage.

Spray here.


Posted by tofu on January 1st, 2014 @ 00:03

Happy New Year!!

PS Spot the Snapper at SantaSmash. Bonus points for spotting one or more here.

Techno Viking is coming for you!

Posted by tofu on July 27th, 2013 @ 00:24

State of Origin LAN

Posted by tofu on July 9th, 2013 @ 22:13

Be up North, or down South. Friday night… it begins…

Running commentary

  1. tofu

    It’s official, Gamearena have closed our TeamSpeak server. I know this because they sent me this helpful please-come-back-again email:

    Hello Tofu,

    Your Game Server Rental subscription for TeamSpeak has ended.

    Thanks for your support of Australia’s premier Game Server Rental service, and we hope to see onboard again in the future!

    Kind regards,
    The Game Server Rentals team

  2. tofu

    No biggie. I just kinda look like this now…


  3. tofu

    Looks promising

  4. tofu

    Ah, now you’re ready for SMB 😉

  5. tofu

    Will gift it to you!

  6. tofu

    Shmitee, we don’t have to wait till Tuesday, I’ll see you noon tomorrow!

    Rammy, legit installers are available at the LAN, but the more pre-loading you do, the more playing you get in on LAN day.

  7. tofu

    Awesomenauts looks LAN-friendly (and has 6-player action), might be worth a look?

  8. tofu

    Chivalry looks good. That could definitely be a goer.

  9. tofu

    Votes for LAN games?

    Some ideas…

    • Hawken
    • LFD2
    • BF3
    • Flat Out Ultimate Carnage
    • TF2 (MvM or Arena)
    • CnC3 Kane’s Wrath
  10. tofu

    Excitable bunch 😉

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